In 2019, a dream was born, and with it an exciting new concept: BIS – Pasta & Risotto. Our Chef Daniel Azevedo, along with his right-hand, Nelson Morais, embarked on a new adventure: to overwhelm Vila Nova de Famalicão with Pastas & Risottos of the utmost quality.

Because our signature dishes originate from Italian cuisine, we are often asked questions such as “If it’s an Italian restaurant how come there are no pizzas?”. The answer is quite simple. We believe in our passion and dedication, therefore we aim for the one goal we want to be exquisite at - Pastas & Risottos.

Eating well is one of the most special arts, and our venue, inspired by Portugal and Italian cultures, merges the best of both worlds: the love for serving high-quality dishes while focusing on the perfect fusion of flavors.

Our principles are authenticity, food, essence, and soul, and we work with chefs that develop distinctive menus regularly, hoping to provide unique experiences to our clients, introducing seasonal ingredients, and enabling the possibility to enjoy the best of what nature supplies us with, all around the year.

By Us, for You.